From the recording Patches of Blue

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I hitchhiked across Canada in the early seventies with my sidekick Devil John and had many an adventure but this one in Winnipeg stands out in my mind


Dreams of Kerouac
On the big, old Trans-Canada highway
I was hitchhikin' my way back home
Eighteen wheeler bearin' down goes by me
and once again I'm left here all alone
I was leavin' my own youth behind,
I was leavin' my sweet lover too
'cause I was livin' out the dreams of Kerouac
way back when I first laid eyes on you

Now I'm waitin' for my ride to come
Hey, Mister, are you really slowin' down?
I'm on my way to a city grey
gritty smoke filled steel mill town
Well I met her on the streets of Winnipeg
On a dead end stretch that we once knew
panhandlin' for change, deranged
and higher than a kite I flew

Thank you, sir, I'm much obliged
By the way, can you spare me a dollar or two?
Seems I left my wallet and my watch
and my heart on Portage Avenue

Now as the years go tumblin' down
like autumn leaves wet and cold
lyin' dead upon the ground
Workin' high upon a crane in the mill
I see Winnipeg in my mind's eye
guess I always will
She sent me letters for a long, long, while
but I guess my heart was not so tried and true
'cause I was livin' out the dreams of Kerouac
way back when I fell hard for you.