From the recording Patches of Blue

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Patches of Blue, the title song is written in an open minor tuning and features the stellar guitar playing of Bill Dillon, one of Canada's most illustrious guitar players (Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Dan Lanois many others). Mike Trebilcock of Killjoys fame and currently a member of Simply Saucer provides the lovely haunting harmony vocals. A piece of melancholia filled with references to the natural world, rain, stars, wind, clouds, summer sky...


Patches of Blue
The rain came down, the rain came pouring in
setting the stage, letting the play begin
Blow, blow fatal wind, blow fatal wind

Storm clouds roll by, rain rivers like sparkling gin
setting the stage, turning the page within
There's a drizzle grey rain on the roof
seeps into my soul on this wet afternoon, oh yeah
and there's a girl, what a pity she's aloof
unravelling time on this lost afternoon
uncovers my patches of blue

The moon looks down and moonlight comes creeping in
setting the stage, warming the life within
Blow, blow fatal wind, it's just what you do time and again
Blow fatal wind

The stars fell down, headlong came hurtling in
setting the stage, letting my birth begin
Better not, forget me not 'cause I'll always be in love with you
Better not neglect me not now my whole world belongs to you
and just like a summer sky I have my patches of blue
just like a summer sky I have my patches of blue
Just like a summer sky I have my patches of blue